• 10 Year Guarantee*

    10 Year Guarantee*

  • Designed + handmade in Gloucestershire, UK

    Designed and Handmade in the Cotswolds

  • Bespoke design available

    Bespoke design available

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Welcome to Cotswold Timber Products, a family business based in the beautiful Cotswolds. We take pride in delivering fantastic wooden garden furniture products that are hardwearing and respect the environment. All of our team are based in the Cotswolds, we have designed and handcrafted all of our items to provide our customers with the best quality possible.

Cotswold Timber Products was born from years of experience as a reseller of wooden products for gardens. We realised that what our customers were looking for was not being fulfilled! Our customers were looking for high-quality at a reasonable price. Something that would last for years and still provide amazing value for money. To deliver on this, Cotswold Timber Products was born. We create products that will last while delivering on the levels of value and service that our customers expect.

Why Buy From Us?

The easiest way to explain why you should buy from us is: We Care.

  • We care about the products we create,
  • We care about the service we deliver to our customers,
  • Environmental concerns are our concerns,
  • We care about quality,

Our team have over 50 years of experience working with wooden garden products. We understand that you want to invest in something that will last for years. That is why you need to choose items made from suitable wood. All of our products a substantial, hardwearing and weather resistant. Making them the perfect investment to make the most from your garden.

We appreciate all customer feedback and take all comments on board to try and improve the service we provide. Check out our customer’s comments below…

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The Cotswold Team…

Our team have designed, developed, refined, and handcrafted all of our products in the beautiful Cotswolds. We have designed a range of products that complement each other while blending in with almost every garden. They add style and space to your garden while keeping your garden tidy.

The fantastic small team are dedicated to doing our bit to improve the environment. We only use wood that is sustainably sourced and we re-purpose any waste wood. We aim to support sustainable forestry with all our products and focus on delivering quality items that last for years!

Cotswold Timber Products


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Cotswold Timber Products


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The Cotswold Timber Products Blog

Why Are Wooden Garden Products The Best

Garden furniture transforms your garden from something nice to look at, to a usable space. However, it is something that people don’t buy often and can be costly if it goes wrong. There are many options when it comes to what material is best. Some people will say that plastic is best, whereas metal provides another option. From there, you can look at recycled plastic, iron, or something else. So why should you choose wooden garden products?

They are comfortable

Wooden garden furniture is often much more comfortable compared to alternatives. In warm weather plastic and metal both absorb more heat. Making them comfortable whatever the weather. Wood will also retain its shape and appearance for years to come.

They are durable

Wooden items are much more resilient to the changeable UK weather. It won’t rust or be blown away. With the added ability to maintain the wood, it will last for years. With a light staining treatment, it will resist the worst of the sun’s rays.

They are sustainable

This can depend, on what wood you use, where you get it from, and how environmentally friendly they are. All of the wood that we use to create our products comes from sustainable forests.

Believe it or not, wooden garden furniture can be more sustainable compared to plastic alternatives. Wood never pollutes rainwater with microplastics. It is recyclable all the way through its life. Good quality garden furniture will last longer than plastic alternatives. meaning you will not have to replace it next year (or even next decade)

They are amazing value

Although wooden products can be more expensive outright, they will also last much longer. Overall they are actually much better value for money compared to plastic.

On average our products will last at least twice as long as a plastic alternative. If taken care of they can last even longer! They can hold much more weight and will keep their structural integrity even in warmer weather.

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