Kensington Double Wheelie Bin Storage

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Our Kensington Double Planter Wheelie Bin Storage unit is perfect to brighten your garden while keeping your wheelie bins safe and secure. The added planter roof can be lined if required which will help slow water draining.

We are proud to announce that our Kensington Planter Wheelie Bin Store has been shortlisted in ‘Glee 2022 – New Product Awards’.



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Our Kensington range of planter wheelie bin stores are handmade by our team in the Cotswold. They have been specially designed by our team of craftspeople to hold all the plants, soil, and water needed to keep your garden looking bright and colourful. Our sustainably sourced Scandinavian Redwood decking has been designed to complement any garden and add extra space with ease.

It is a freestanding planter wheelie bin storage unit that will hide your wheelie bins away from wind, snow, and hungry pests. The contemporary design will provide a talking point at any family picnic and give you extra space to make your garden a relaxing place to be.

Kensington Double Planter Wheelie Bin Storage Specifications:

  • Handmade from sustainably sourced Scandinavian redwood,
  • Able to hold two 120, 140, 180 or 240 litre wheelie bins,
  • Pre-treated with special green treatment to protect from bacteria and fungus,
  • Designed and handmade in the UK,
  • Easy Assembly,

Kensington Double Planter Wheelie Bin Storage Dimensions:

Storage for Two Wheelie Bins (Between 120-240 litres)

External Dimensions: 1220 mm x 1630 mm x 850 mm (H x W x D)

Storage for Two 360 Litre Wheelie Bins

External Dimensions: 1300 mm x 1630 mm x 1100mm (H x W x D)

This is a handmade natural product and therefore there are some tolerances of +/- 10 mm.

Wheelie Bin Store Planter Depth:

Our living roof wheelie bin storage unit has the same width and length (depth) as the model’s external dimensions. However, the internal depth (height) of the planter differs, the planter itself is sloped to assist with drainage. At the front of the unit, it is 75mm deep, at the back it is 95mm deep. For advice on shallow-rooted plants that we recommend in your planter wheelie bin store, check out our helpful guide.

Delivery Information:

Our Kensington planter wheelie bin storage unit will be delivered flat packed on a pallet by our delivery partners. This makes the delivery eco-friendly and as a result, it reduces how much carbon dioxide it is responsible for. We provide all fixtures along with the product and detailed instructions. Our estimate is that it will take around 1 hour to assemble this product. We advise that two people be present to assist with construction.

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