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Why is My Wood Green?

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Burford Single Wheelie Bin Storage

You’ve bought a brand-spanking new wooden planter or a wheelie bin storage unit and obviously, you love it. But what is that green tinge to the wood? Does it mean there’s a problem with your new timber product? Before you panic and scream ‘Why is my wood green?’ know that the green tinge is perfectly normal. Let us explain.

So why is my wood green?

The reason your timber product has a green tinge is that it’s pre-treated under pressure with chemicals. The main ingredient in pre-treatments is copper which can leave wood with a green tinge, at least at first. If you’re worried about the use of chemicals on your wood, don’t be. They’re all perfectly safe and will protect your wood.

Why is wood pre-treated?

When you invest in a lovely timber product for your garden, you want it to last. Pre-treatment protects the wood from insects, fungi, and rot, so it will stay looking great and functioning well for longer.

How does the treatment process work?

Basically, timber is put into a big tank which is sealed to form a vacuum. Then the chemical treatment is added to the tank. Thanks to the vacuum effect, the pressure forces the fluid into the wood. The treatment not only penetrates the wood’s surface but a good few millimetres deep.

Why is my wood green – Will it stay green forever?

When you receive your timber product, you may notice it has a green tinge all over, or there may be patches. Don’t panic though, this is only temporary. As the wood weathers, the green tinge should fade into a light honey hue and then become a silver-grey colour. When the wood changes colour, it doesn’t mean your product is no longer protected. The wood just changes colour over time as it’s exposed to the elements.

Other reasons why your wood may appear green

Pre-treatment is not the only reason why wood can appear green. Warm weather or the heat involved in the treatment process itself can make mould appear. It’s easily removed though, just give it a wash down.

Sometimes, sap in the treated wood can make your wood appear green. This fades over time, so just allow your wood to weather.  Don’t be tempted to try and sand the green tinge away as you’ll remove the treatment and the protection it offers.

Green wood is nothing to worry about

So there you have it, if your timber product appears green, it’s no cause for concern. On the contrary, it means you’ve made a good investment. Green wood means it’s been pre-treated so it’s protected against everything that could destroy or weaken it. This means it will last longer and improve your outside space for many years to come.

For more interesting articles on the timber products you need to transform your outside space, check out the rest of our blog.

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