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  • 10 Year Guarantee*

    10 Year Guarantee*

  • Designed + handmade in Gloucestershire, UK

    Designed and Handmade in the Cotswolds

  • Bespoke design available

    Bespoke design available

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to wooden garden furniture you want the best. You want to make sure you are getting something that is worth it and will improve your garden. Therefore we have created a range of questions that should help with you. However if you have questions that aren’t here our team will be more than happy to help via live chat, phone or email (

Cotswold Timber Products FAQs

Does the wood damage the environment?

No, we only source wood from sustainably managed forests. Meaning that the wood we use does little to damage the environment. Compared to plastic alternatives they are much better! They don’t put microplastics into the water, can be fully recycled and last longer!

Do you supply trade customers?

Yes, we already supply several trade customers and are able to supply large quantities.
We offer our trade customers an account manager, to help deal with all your queries and be a point of contact in the organisation.
We can potentially organise a credit account for your business if required. Get in touch via and our team will help you out.

I need a custom item, can you help?

Yes, we are able to help with this, our team take pride in creating units that are suitable for specific requirements. We just ask you take extra care with customised units and make sure the measurements and requirements are spot on.

Wheelie Bin Storage FAQs

What size Wheelie Bin Store Do I Need?

This is difficult, as wheelie bins around the country differ. We recommend checking your size, most wheelie bins will have their litreage on your bin. We offer storage for all sizes of wheelie bins including commercial, so if you’re not sure please get in touch.

How should I maintain my wheelie bin store?

All of our units come pre-treated, so we recommend letting this dry before applying any further treatment. From this, we recommend applying an annual lightly coloured oil-based treatment but apart from that, they are water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Do the wheelie bin storage units come pre-assembled?

No, our deliveries come flat-packed and as a result, it does less damage to the environment. They come with a full instruction guide and most customers have been able to assemble the unit within an hour. 
Depending on your location we may be able to assist you with assembly (additional charge not included). If you think you may require this get in touch via our contact form, live chat service or email

Handmade Wooden Products

Made by our experts in the Cotswolds

Free Local Delivery As Standard

Small delivery fees applied to other postcodes.

Supporting Responsible Forestry

We only use sustainably sourced wood