Single Wheelie Bin Stores

  • Free Delivery As Standard
  • All Units Handmade In The Cotswolds

Our Single Wheelie Bin Stores are designed to complement the natural landscape. Wheelie bin stores hide your wheelie bin and will instantly tidy any garden. Built to hide a single wheelie bin they are perfect for smaller households or flats. Our products are delivered with all the necessary fixtures and fittings for quick onsite assembly.

We handcraft all of our single wheelie bin stores in the Cotswolds. Therefore, you can relax with a UK-built storage unit. We advise that all our units are treated annually. Our single wheelie bin covers are the perfect way to keep rodents and vermin out of your wheelie bins. Our wheelie bin storage units transform any outdoor area in an instant. We have specially designed our units to stay strong for years.

A single wheelie bin storage unit is one of the easiest ways to prepare your garden for the summer BBQs. Above all, it is becoming a must for any proud homeowner and a simple way to increase your property value!