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August Gardening Jobs

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August Gardening Jobs

Even if it doesn’t seem like it with the downpours, it’s the middle of summer. That means there’s still plenty to do in the garden. Here are the August gardening jobs that should be on your list.

General gardening maintenance

Water any container plants

Are your container plants the pride of your patio? Get watering them. Even if it’s been raining, they won’t get as much hydration as plants that draw moisture naturally from the soil. Water them once per day ideally. Remove any flowers that are dying off, and give the rest some feed to see them through the season.

Let your grass grow – If it’s dry

If the summer deluges stop and things turn drier, raise your mower blades to let grass grow a bit longer. The longer your grass is, the more moisture it will retain.

Add grass clippings to your compost heap

When you do cut your grass, put your clippings on your compost heap. Add soil and some drier materials like carboard to stop the clippings from going slimy.

Tackle your hedges

Probably not your favourite of the August gardening jobs, but it’s the perfect time to tidy your hedges. Once new growth springs up they can look unkempt. So get your hedge trimmer, start at the bottom and work upwards. Always cut the top of your hedge last. Brush any loose clippings from the top of the hedge to keep it looking tidy.

August gardening jobs – Fruit and Veg

Cut back strawberry plants

Growing strawberries? Cut back your plants once they’ve finished fruiting. Clear any weeds and mulch and you’ll soon see new signs of leaf growth.

Harvest potatoes

If you’re growing potatoes, harvest them by the end of the month. You’ll know they are ready to lift when they’re leaves turn yellow. To lift potatoes, simply dig them up, or pull them up by the stems.

August gardening jobs – Plants

Cut back lavender plants

If you’ve turned your garden into a wildlife haven, you may be growing bee-friendly lavender. Give it a gentle prune in August by trimming away old flowering spikes and the very top leaves.

Encourage new flowers in hanging baskets and patio pots

Remove any dead or dying flowers from hanging baskets and container pots. This will encourage new flowers to bloom and keep your baskets and pots looking the part.

Nourish borders and beds

After withstanding the often challenging UK summer weather conditions, plants can need a bit of extra help come August. That’s why it’s the perfect time to apply a good fertiliser to help them flourish for as long as possible.

There you have it, your garden to do list for the middle of summer. After doing all these August gardening jobs, you’ll have earned a relaxing afternoon or evening in the gardening. There’s nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labour!

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