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October Gardening Jobs

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October Gardening Jobs

October is a month of real change in the garden. It’s often the start of frosty mornings, and the leaves change colour then fall. Here are the October gardening jobs to do to prepare your garden for the winter.

October gardening jobs – general maintenance

Clear any fallen leaves

Run your lawn mower over clumps of fallen leaves on the lawn. This cuts them up so they’ll rot easily. Try to do this once per week. If leaves have fallen on to pathways, decking, or your patio, grab a leaf blower. Leaves are a slippery hazard when wet. Blow leaves onto the lawn ideally or onto a tarpaulin. Take them to your compost heap, they make a great addition to mulch.

Turn compost

Speaking of compost, as you add fallen leaves to it, turn it to encourage the material to break down and let air in.

Don’t neglect weeding

Weeds can still flourish in a mild autumn. Dig them out from the root to stop them from sprouting back up.

October gardening jobs – veg

Sow carrots for harvest in spring

If you want a healthy spring veg carrot crop, now is the time to sow them. Sow carrots before the middle of October in a greenhouse or polytunnel and they should be ready by April.

Get rid of greenhouse tomatoes

Another important October gardening job is clearing your greenhouse of crops such as tomatoes. They will not be at their best now, so put them on your compost heap.

October gardening jobs – Plants and flowers

Plant spring plants and bulbs

We may be heading into the colder, darker months but you can still plan ahead for spring. Plant bedding plants like violas as well as any spring bulbs and imagine your garden bursting with colour again.

If you’re planting in pots, remember to give them some shelter from the autumn rain. Plants will rot if they get saturated. Keep pots under a porch or in another sheltered location.

Bring tender plants indoors

Now is the time to bring tender plants indoors before the frost arrives. A greenhouse is ideal. Restrict water slightly during autumn and winter so they don’t grow too much. Spring is the perfect time to water them and encourage them back to growth.

Got perennials? Cut them back

If you’ve got perennials in the garden, cut back any plants that look dead or withered.

Say goodbye to summer bedding

Pull up any summer bedding and compost it. Add compost to the soil and it will be nutrient-rich by the spring, ready for you to sow and plant into.

That completes the roundup of essential October gardening jobs. This month is all about saying goodbye to the summer and preparing your outside space for the winter. Happy gardening! For more interesting articles on taking care of your outside space, check out the rest of our blog.

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