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July Gardening Jobs

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July Gardening Jobs

Your garden should be in full bloom in July. As ever, when the weather gets warmer, there’s always plenty to do. Here’s our guide to the July gardening jobs that should be on your to-do list.

General maintenance jobs

Maintain your lawn

If your lawn is the pride of your garden, keep it that way. Feed it regularly unless there’s a shortage. If the weather is particularly dry and hot, keep your grass a bit longer to help retain moisture.

Give your pond and water features some TLC

Got water lilies or other plants in your pond? Keep an eye out for yellowing leaves or signs of decay. If they rot in the pond, it will affect the quality of the water.

In hot weather, be sure to keep water features and ponds topped up. Even if there’s a hosepipe ban in your area, you’ll still be able to top up your pond if there are fish in it.

New plants need lots of moisture when they are getting established, so water them regularly.

Stop your greenhouse from getting too hot

In a heatwave, your greenhouse can become like a sauna. Painting the outside with shading paint can help block the sun and deflect some of the heat.

July gardening jobs – Growing vegetables

Sow veg for the autumn and winter

Even in the height of summer, the sowing season isn’t over. Many types of veg can be sown now for the autumn and winter such as lettuce, chard, beetroot, and cabbage.

Water veg according to instructions

Growing leafy veg like lettuce or spinach, or herbs like basil? Water these a lot. They need it so new leaves constantly grow.

Growing tomatoes, runner beans, or courgettes? Wait until they flower then water them unless the weather is particularly hot and dry.

Water potatoes every few days in the last month of growth.

Water anything newly planted every few days until it’s established, especially if it’s hot.

July gardening jobs – Plants and flowers

Encourage those late summer blooms

You might have noticed that some of the plants and flowers in your garden are past their best by now. But don’t worry, you can encourage some late blooming so you can enjoy them in your garden for longer.

If you have perennials that flower early such as peonies, remove any dying flowers and cut them back to the ground. This will encourage fresh growth and maybe even some extra flowers. After cutting them back, give them a good watering.

Feed roses

Roses are at their best in June but by July, they start to fade. Apply rose food to the soil around the plant and water it in.

The summer is a beautiful time in the garden. The grass is green and luscious, plants are blooming, and there’s so much colour and fragrance to enjoy. Follow our July gardening tips to keep your outdoor space looking its best all summer long.

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