Log Stores

  • Handmade In The Cotswolds
  • Free Delivery To Mainland UK

Our log stores are designed to keep your logs away from the rain. Made from sustainable wood, they support responsible forestry practices. All the wood in our products comes pressure treated for a long and durable life. Our units have been specially made to have a high weight capacity, as a result, they are able to be full without damage. We designed our log stores to allow a constant flow of air around the logs. Meaning that they are ready to be used when you need them.

Our modern firewood storage solutions look amazing when filled with logs. The design adds a rustic aesthetic to any garden while keeping solid fuel dry, making lighting your fires a whole lot easier. Our log stores are delivered flat packed to decrease the amount of CO2 they are responsible for. For an idea of assembly time, we have collated customer feedback on the individual product page. In addition, we provide all fixtures and fittings along with very simple assembly instructions.