Tool Storage

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If you have a garden without space for a shed, quite often you will find yourself looking for an alternative. This is where our external tool storage units come in! Capable of holding a huge amount of tools, they can make a huge improvement to any garden. Perfect location for storing BBQs, lawnmowers, potting equipment and so much more they are extremely useful for people looking to enjoy their garden more.

They are perfect for large family households. If you need extra space for toys, swimming pools, or even outdoor sports equipment. Capable of holding everything children play with and hardwearing enough to cope with a football being kicked against it for days!

Our Cotswold experts have years of experience working with wooden garden furniture. They have taken the time to develop a range of tool storage units that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our wood is sustainably sourced and naturally resilient to bacteria. Helping protect the environment for future generations.