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January Gardening Jobs 

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If you’ve been cooped up over Christmas eating enormous amounts of cheese, getting out in the garden might be just the ticket. It may be cold outside, but there are plenty of jobs to do in the garden to prepare for spring.

General gardening maintenance jobs

Get weeding

If any weeds have sprouted up, dig them out. Digging them out is better than using the hoe, because as the soil is so damp at this time of year, weeds can easily regrow.

Feed the birds

In really cold weather, it can be hard for birds to find food. They’ll need plenty of fat and calories to keep warm over winter, so put high energy foods in bird feeders. Things like nuts, lard, and suet work well and you can combine these with cheese and porridge oats to make fat balls. Be sure to clean out the feeder regularly as stale food can turn mouldy and attract pests. Gardeners World has a great guide to feeding birds in the winter.

January gardening jobs for fruit and veg

Buy seed potatoes now

Get along to the garden centre and get your hands on the best varieties of potatoes before everyone else’s mind turns to planting. Look for potatoes that don’t have long shoots or any visible mould.

One you get them home, tip them into a seed tray and leave them in a cool place with natural light until it’s time to plant them.

Got fruit trees or bushes? It’s time to feed them

Give your fruit trees and bushes a sprinkling of potash to help them flower well. Hoe the potash into the soil gently and apply it sparingly.

January gardening jobs for flowers and plants

Plan for spring

Have you decided what you want to grow in your garden in 2024? This is the time to order your seeds and plants before the rush.

Plant trees

If an ornamental or fruit tree is part of your grand landscaping plan, January is a good time to plant it. Dig a planting hole that’s no deeper than the tree’s roots but about twice as big as how far they spread. Place the tree in the hole and make sure the roots are spread out, then fill the hole with soil. Push the soil down to make sure there aren’t any air pockets.

So there you have it, if you’re full to the brim with festive chocs and cheese, getting out in the garden is a great way to get the new year off to a healthy start.

For more interesting articles on how you can make the most of your outside space, check out the rest of our blog.

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