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What Could I Put in a Trough Planter?

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Cotswold Trough Planter

Looking for an easy and stylish way to add a pop of colour to a balcony or patio? Planting flowers or vegetables in a trough planter is the way to go. So what’s involved and what can you put in one? Here’s some inspiration.

Why Buy a Trough Planter?

Trough Planters create space

Have an apartment with a balcony but no garden? Don’t have the outdoor space to grow flowers or veg? No problem. You can create a garden on a driveway, balcony, or patio with a trough planter.

You won’t have to deal with so many weeds and pests

Fresh soil equals less chance of weeds springing up. The built-up sides of a planter also stop pests from crawling in.

Using a trough planter is more accessible

For people with limited mobility, gardening in a planter is far easier.

They make your flowers and veg the stars of the show

Planting in a trough planter means that your blooms and veg will be on display for everyone to see. So what if you only have a balcony? You can still make it a masterpiece.

What Do I Plant in a Trough Planter?

There are three keys to a healthy planter:

  • Nutrient-rich soil;
  • Good water drainage;
  • Good airflow.

Choosing the right soil

Multi-purpose compost is a good choice for growing many types of plants and veg. However, this depends on what you want to grow. It might be a good idea to ask at your local garden centre about a soil mixture that will work better.

Ensuring good water drainage and airflow

Planters like our Cotswold Trough Planter have been designed to allow water and air to flow through and avoid retaining excess water.

What Can I Plant in a Trough Planter?


Vegetables tend to thrive in planters, especially if yours is in a sunny spot. Once the warmer days come, veg like cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and tomatoes will flourish. Perfect for all those side salads for your summer BBQs.


Make your trough planter into a kitchen garden and grow herbs like rosemary, lavender, mint, and basil. There’s just something about adding fresh herbs to a dish that elevates it to the next level.


You can grow fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in a planter. For best results, remember to ask your local garden centre about the best potting mix to use.


When you’re deciding which plants to put in your trough planter, there are a few things to think about:

What do you want to showcase?

If you want your favourite colours to feature, planting roses can add a beautiful pop of colour.

  • Love succulents? – Try planting a variety of different sizes, colours, and textures to add interest.
  • Want the scent of your garden to really stand out? – Choose plants like jasmine and wisteria.
  • Looking to create a cottage garden vibe? – Plants like hollyhocks and peonies are just what you need for that ‘English country garden’ feel.  

Where will you put your planter?

If your trough planter is going to get a lot of sun, make sure you choose plants that can cope with this. Petunia, begonia, and verbena are good choices. The same goes for if your planter gets lots of shade. Plants like foxglove do well in shady areas.

When Should I Plant in My Planter?

Want a thriving trough planter by the summer?

April is a good time to start preparing your planter. It’s a good idea to start your plants off in a greenhouse or somewhere sheltered. This makes sure that no spring frosts see them off. From mid-May, they should be fine to go outside.

Want a planter that looks good come winter?

If you still want a good-looking planter in the winter, you need hardy plants. Plants like winter pansies can survive the bracing cold. Plant these in September or October so they get the benefits of any autumn sunshine before the cold sets in.

Is a Trough Planter Next on Your Home Must-Have List?

Is your balcony crying out for a pop of colour? Want to start off a little kitchen garden and get the kids involved? You can with one of our trough planters, handmade in the UK from sustainably sourced timber, our wooden planters are the perfect addition to your outside space. We hope our handy guide has helped you decide what you want to put in it. Happy planting! For more helpful guides, check out the rest of our blog and find our amazing trough planter here.

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