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Are Log Stores the Best Way to Protect Your Logs?

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Storage For Logs

An open fire or a log burner is the ultimate in winter cosiness. However, to keep the fires burning, you’ll need plenty of dry logs. Keeping logs dry throughout the UK winter is a big ask. But keep calm, logs stores might just be the answer to your prayers.

Are Log Stores the Best Way to Keep Logs Dry?

Ultimately yes, log stores are amazing at keeping your logs dry. They help to protect logs away from excessive sun, rain, snow and everything else that the weather can throw at them. Log Stores help keep logs away from pests, fungi and creepy crawlies, but they also have plenty of other benefits too. Here are general tips on keeping logs dry and ready to burn.

Why Log Stores?

Log stores protect your logs from the elements. Many units have felted sloping roofs so rain simply runs off. They are also elevated off the ground to prevent moisture getting into the bottom logs and causing rot or mould. Our range of storage for logs are fully enclosed on three sides and the front is left open to allow air to circulate between the logs.

The Benefits of Log Stores

Dry wood heats up quicker

There’s nothing better than going for a walk on a crisp cold day and returning home to a warm fire. However, you don’t want to have to wait forever to feel the warmth. Log stores keep your wood dry, and dry wood heats up quicker.

Dry logs mean a more efficient fire

If wood is not properly dry, this can result in a lot of heat loss. A log store will keep your wood completely dry so you get all the benefits (and the heat!)

Using log stores means you’ll burn fewer logs

This is another way that an efficient fire will benefit you. Dry wood burns more efficiently meaning you’ll get plenty of heat from using fewer logs. Happy days.

Dry logs equal less smoke

While we love open fires, we don’t love smoke. Dry logs cause less smoke than damp ones. Investing in log stores means the smell of acrid smoke won’t hang around for days.

While there are other steps you can take to protect your logs, none do the job as well (or look as good) as log stores. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our beautiful range of hand-crafted log stores

But what tips are there if you don’t want to invest in a log store?

Stack them tightly

Stacking logs tight means the top layer might get damp but the logs underneath are protected.

Store logs wisely

Keep them in a sheltered spot to protect them from the worst of the elements.

Don’t store them under trees

You might think this provides shelter, but it makes logs vulnerable when rain drips down from the trees.

Stack logs on pallets

This will keep logs off any saturated ground (especially grass) where they can get damp.

Allow air to circulate around them

Don’t stack them too close to walls or outbuildings. Don’t forget that storing a large amount of timber can be a fire risk too.

Cover logs to keep them dry

The only real way to protect your logs from the elements is to cover them. You could cover them with a tarpaulin or similar. However, if you are looking for storage for logs, log stores are by far the best way to keep your logs dry. For more interesting articles check out the rest of our blog.

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