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Can Wooden Products Be Sustainable?

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Sustainable Wooden Furniture

Climate change and sustainability are front and centre right now. From the issues raised at COP26 to the sustainability of our daily lives, it all matters. We know that our customers care about sustainability. That’s why we only sell wooden products made from sustainable timber.

How sustainable is timber?

Timber is of course a 100% natural product. Unlike plastics or other man-made materials, you don’t need lots of raw materials or energy to make it. It’s also completely renewable, unlike many other materials, and it emits less carbon too.

Even at the end of its life, timber is useful. Figures from Community Wood Recycling show that wood recycling has increased in the past few decades. In 1990, we only recycled 2% of waste wood but by 2020, the figure was more than 80%. Waste wood is either re-milled or re-finished and becomes new timber. It can also be turned into a lower grade product like soil mulch.

Sustainable timber is responsibly sourced timber

So timber is a pretty sustainable material. However, here’s the thing; timber can only be really sustainable when it’s responsibly sourced. This means that it comes from well-managed forests where trees are replanted, environmental standards are high, and local communities are considered. This is where sustainable timber comes in.

The champions of sustainable wooden products

When you buy sustainable wooden products, you need to make sure that the wood is from a responsibly managed forest. To achieve responsibly sourced certification, forest managers have to abide by some strict principles. Felled trees are replanted or allowed to regenerate. Animal habitats, as well as flora and fauna, are protected. Local communities are considered and local people are employed in the forests. The wood’s journey must be trackable from the forest to the place where you buy your products. This is truly sustainable timber.

Why choose sustainable timber?

Because we are dedicated to delivering high quality and environmentally-friendly products to our customers, we only use sustainably sourced Scandinavian Redwood. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about doing your bit for the environment. However, choosing sustainable timber is a great start.

Choosing sustainable timber means you’re protecting a vital natural resource. Trees produce the oxygen needed for life and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change in a big way.

Opting for sustainably sourced timber products also means you can rest assured that your purchase wasn’t the result of illegal logging. Global demand for timber is rising. Sadly, some companies put making a profit above environmental protection. Illegal logging can damage wildlife habitats and the places where indigenous communities live. Not to mention that the more trees we lose, the less chance we have of slowing climate change. For more articles on all things timber, check out the rest of our blog

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