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What is Pressure Treated Timber?

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Pressure Treated Timber

Wood is a versatile, natural, and renewable material. However, being natural makes it vulnerable to rot and decay. How can you prevent this? You can treat it properly. So what is pressure-treated timber and why should you choose it?

What Is Pressure Treated Timber?

Pressure-treated timber is wood that has been submerged in a chemical preservative solution. The preservative protects it from moisture, fungi, and insects that can cause rot and decay. First, the wood goes into a large tank that is sealed. This creates a vacuum. The chemical preservative, usually containing copper, is pumped into the tank. The pressure inside the tank forces the preservatives into the wood. The timber is then left to dry and is fully protected against decay and rot.

Why Pressure Treat Timber?

Timber garden products are exposed to the British weather all year round. Pressure-treating the wood will make your products last longer and look good for longer.

What is the Problem with Untreated Wood

Pressure-treated timber is made to last. However, buy a timber product made from untreated wood and you might see the signs of decay in just a few years. As untreated wood comes into contact with moisture and insects, any rot will occur fast.

How Can I Tell if Wood is Treated?

Any wood that has been pressure treated is usually marked with a stamp to indicate it’s treated. If the wood was recently treated, it will have a slight green colour which fades over time.

Can I Paint or Stain Pressure Treated Wood?

You don’t have to paint or stain pressure-treated timber. However, that extra layer of protection can make your timber products last longer.

If you want to stain pressure-treated wood, wait for a few dry days and make sure the wood is dry before applying it.

When it comes to painting, we recommend using a primer. Ideally, look for one you can use on pressure-treated timber. Wait for the primer to dry then apply your paint. Latex-based paints are best. Some oil-based paints don’t adhere well to pressure-treated wood. 

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