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May Gardening Jobs 

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May Gardening Jobs

May is when things really start to get going in the garden. Though while it can feel a little more like summer, you’ll still have the threat of frost to contend with until mid-May. Here’s what should be on your list of May gardening jobs.

Garden maintenance

Mow your lawn

Grass grows fast in May, so if you want to keep things looking tidy, mow it once each week. The only exception is if you want daisies to grow on your lawn. These and other flowers can help bees flourish.

Water new plants and turf

If you’ve just planted veg or flowers, they’ll need regular watering, especially if there’s a dry spell. If you’ve just laid new turf, this will need a good drink too to help it settle in and look its best.

Growing veg? Do these May gardening jobs

Plant tomatoes

Are you growing tomatoes? If they’re destined for the greenhouse, plant them in early May. If you want to grow them outside, wait until after mid-month when there’s less risk of a harsh frost.

Sow veg

Sow courgette, beetroot, lettuce, basil, Brussels sprouts, and spring onions this month.

Cover up potatoes

Unexpected harsh frosts can damage potatoes. Cover any sprouting leaves with soil or compost to protect them.

Plants and flowers

Support perennials

Perennials have a bit of a growth spurt in May, so tie them into supports as they grow. If they don’t have support, strong winds could cause their stems to snap.

Add more colour to your garden

Want to make your outside space look more vibrant? Plant colourful blooms like Geranium pratense and Astrantia in your borders. Keep them well-watered, especially in any hot, dry weather.

Plant hanging baskets and pots

Fill your hanging baskets and pots with a mix of compost and feed. Plant three or more plants in them, depending on the size of your basket or pot. Water them well and make sure you only put them outside once the threat of frost has passed.

Weather warning for May

As we mentioned earlier, there’s still a risk of a harsh frost up until mid-May. This can even be as late as early June the further north you are. If there’s a late frost, it can blacken foliage and flowers and kill tender plants. We would recommend that one of your May gardening jobs is keeping some fleece cover ready to put on new and tender plants. Also, make sure that you only move plants from the greenhouse to the outdoors once you’re sure the danger of a late frost has passed.

So there you have it, May is the time to protect your garden from the elements so it will thrive in the coming months. For more interesting articles on how gardening can improve mental health or the differences in pressure-treated wood and what you need to enhance your outside space, check out the rest of our blog.

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