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Best Fire Pits 

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Want to keep warm in the garden on those evenings where a chill sets in? Do you love to cook your food alfresco? A fire pit could be a great addition to your garden. Choosing a fire pit can be tricky as there are so many different designs and materials. Here’s our guide to the best fire pits.

Choosing a Fire Pit

There are loads of different options when it comes to fire pits. The best place to start is to think about:

  • The look you want;
  • How much space you have outdoors;
  • Whether you’ll want to cook on it.

Once you’ve decided these things you can start your search for the best fire pits for your outside space.

What Types of Fire Pit Are Out There?

Here are just some of the types of fire pit you’ll come across in your online searches.

Fire Pit Table

Want to combine stylish furniture, fire, and socialising? Look no further than a fire pit table. As you can guess by the name, it’s a table with a fire pit in the middle. Imagine those summer evenings when the sun has gone down and the chill is setting in. You won’t have to end the party, just fire up your fire pit table and crack open another bottle of wine.  

Brick Fire Pit

These make it onto our list of best fire pits because they look amazing and they’re a great project for a DIY enthusiast. You must make the inner walls from fire safe bricks. Normal bricks won’t stand up to the heat. On the outside of the structure, you can use more aesthetically pleasing bricks. A brick fire pit is a great focal point for your garden. Not only that, it can double up as a grill to cook on.

Portable Fire Pit

You might have one of these if you’re a camping enthusiast. They’re also a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have the space for a permanent fire pit in the garden. They are easy to move and store and are perfect for cooking on.

Gas Fire Pit

If you want the best fire pits that look amazing, you’ll want a gas fire pit on your shortlist. These fire pits look the part and designs often include things like pebbles or stylish faux wood. They do look great and are super easy to use, though they can be expensive. You’ll also have to buy the gas and keep it topped up. You don’t want your fire pit going out halfway through your al fresco get together.

Size Matters

When you’re choosing a fire pit, think about the space you have available.

Need a smaller option? Choose a portable or tabletop firepit.

Got more space and want your fire pit to be a real focal point? A fire pit table or gas fire pit will fit the bill.

Building your own? If you’re a DIY enthusiast whose heart is set on building your own brick fire pit:

  • Build a 90cm-wide fire pit for smaller spaces and gatherings;
  • Build a 1.8-metre wide fire pit for larger spaces and gatherings of 6-8 people or more.

What Materials Make the Best Fire Pits?

Stainless steel

Won’t corrode and is built to last.


Radiates heat really well. However, it can be expensive.

Cast iron

A great durable choice if you don’t want to part with lots of cash. Cast iron can be really heavy though, so keep that in mind.

Where Can I Buy a Fire Pit?

Look online or in stores, especially home and garden retailers. Always buy from a reputable company because that’s the only way you can guarantee safety and quality.

The Best Fire Pits are Safe Fire Pits

Speaking of safety, here are our top tips for using your fire pit safely once you’ve invested.

  • Put your fire pit in a safe location and make sure there’s nothing nearby that could catch fire;
  • Make sure the fire pit is not too close to trees, plants, or shrubs;
  • Keep it away from your house or shed;
  • Never light your fire pit under a gazebo or any other area that’s covered over;
  • It’s good practice to have a bucket of water or sand nearby, just in case;
  • Keep children and pets away from your fire pit;
  • Make sure it’s fully extinguished after use.

We hope our guide to the best fire pits has given you the information you need to make an informed purchase. All that’s left to do now is invest in some beautiful timber products to complete your garden makeover!

Going to be burning logs on your fire pit? Find out how a log store can keep your wood protected and dry. For more interesting articles on timber garden products, check out the rest of our blog.

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