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What Material Should I Choose for My Wheelie Bin Store?

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You’re intent on transforming your garden for the summer. First on the list is buying a wheelie bin store. However, with so many different options and materials to choose from, which should you opt for? Here’s our guide.

Why You Need a Wheelie Bin Store

  • It Hides Your Bins from View – The most obvious reason is that it hides your wheelies from view. Yes, your bins do a great job, but you don’t want to be looking at them when you’re relaxing in the garden.
  • It Keeps Pests Our of Your Bins – Wheelie bin storage also protects your bins from hungry pests like foxes who want to feed on your rubbish.
  • A Wheelie Bin Store Deters Thieves and Vandals– When your bin is stolen or vandalised, it can be costly to replace. Many cash-strapped councils won’t replace bins for free now and will ask you to pay a fee upwards of £20 for a new bin. A wheelie bin storage unit can keep your bins safe and secure.
  • It Protects Them from the British Weather– Whether it’s summer downpours or autumn winds, it protects your bin from the elements.

What Material Wheelie Bin Store Should I Opt For?

Look online for wheelie bin stores and you’ll find that most units are made from either wood or plastic. So which material should you opt for?

Wooden Wheelie Bin Stores

Wooden wheelie bin stores look good and they can really complement your garden. With wooden bin stores, you can opt for extra features like a planter or a trellis. Got a small outside space? No problem, choose a wooden wheelie bin store with a planter and plant some blooms there.

Most wooden wheelie bin stores are treated too, so they’re made to last. Overall, they’re a great investment.

Plastic Bin Stores

Plastic wheelie bin stores are also built to last. They’re lightweight, portable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Which is the Best Wheelie Bin Store for Me?

Keeping your bins safe and secure in a wheelie bin store is always a great idea. However, we think that when choosing your material, you can’t go wrong with wood.

Wooden Wheelie Bin Storage Looks the Part

You want to hide your plastic wheelie bins. Why hide them with more plastic when you could camouflage them with gorgeous timber? You can also pimp a wooden wheelie bin store by applying a colour-enhancing stain or a coat of paint.

Wood is the More Environmentally-Friendly Option

Our planet is buckling under the strain of plastic waste. Globally, we create 300 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. 60% of this ends up in our natural environment or landfill sites. If that’s not an argument to buy something that’s plastic-free, we don’t know what is!

Wood is a natural material that’s infinitely renewable. Especially when it comes from FSC-certified forests. Each wooden wheelie bin store we make is made from FSC-certified timber. Buy FSC wood and you can rest assured that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Plastic wheelie bin stores are practical and functional, but what happens at the end of their life? Will they add to the damning statistics on plastic waste? Probably. Overall, a wooden wheelie bin store is the best choice for your garden, your pocket, and the planet.

Want to see more of our beautiful, sustainable wooden wheelie bin stores, garden furniture, and more? Take a sneak peek at our range. For more interesting tips and articles on everything wheelie bin storage, check out the rest of our blog.

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