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The MOREwoods Scheme: Fighting Climate Change by Planting Trees

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Climate change is having a devastating impact on our planet. Global temperatures have already risen by 1°C. Scientists say if that rises to more than 1.5°C, there’ll be no going back. So how can we fight climate change? One way is to plant trees with the MOREwoods scheme.

How Do Trees Help Fight Climate Change?

Trees are an invaluable weapon in the fight against climate change.

They increase biodiversity

Trees are a habitat for countless species of flora and fauna, not to mention birds, insects, and other creatures. The Woodland Trust estimates that a single oak tree can be home to 250 varieties of insects!

Trees capture carbon dioxide

Trees remove the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that contributes to climate change. UK forests remove about 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air each year.

They reduce flood risk and cool urban areas

With climate change comes an increased risk of flooding and heat waves. Trees can protect us from both.

Trees are vital for us and the planet. This is why The Woodland Trust has launched its MOREwoods scheme.  

What is the MOREwoods Scheme?

The Woodland Trust has a wealth of experience of helping people to plant trees and hedgerows. The charity is now subsidising two planting schemes;  MOREwoods and MOREhedges. The schemes are funded by Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland as part of their commitment to plant one million trees over the next 10 years.

The MOREwoods scheme is designed to create new habitats for wildlife in the UK. Landowners or organisations who want to plant trees on a large scale are eligible to sign up. Anyone with at least half a hectare of land who wants to plant 500+ trees is eligible. The Woodland Trust will assist with designing the woodland and supplying the trees. The charity will also cover up to 75% of the costs.

The MOREhedges scheme is designed to create new ecological links with other woodlands in the surrounding area. Landowners with space for hedging of 100 metres or longer can apply. They must also have at least 0.2 hectares of woodland within 500m of where the new hedge will be.

The Woodland Trust supplies a suitable hedgerow species and trees spaced every six metres along the hedge. The charity can also provide advice and funding for the maintenance of the protection of the hedgerow.

The charity will support anyone who signs up to either scheme, by offering advice on how to manage new woods.

To find out more about the MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes visit www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant

At Cotswold Timber Products, we only use sustainably sourced wood from responsibly managed forests. This means that felled trees are re-planted so we don’t lose any of our precious forests. Trees are such an important part of fighting climate change. They protect our earth and they protect us. We need to look after them to ensure the very survival of our planet.

For more articles on climate change and sustainability, check out the rest of our blog.

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