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What Does Made in Britain Mean?

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When you buy products, is it important to you that they’re made in Britain? When you see the claim on the label, how can you be sure it’s true? Well, the Made in Britain accreditation aims to clear up any confusion. Here’s what it means.

What is ‘Made in Britain’?

Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organisation that gives British manufacturers accreditation with a single, registered mark. Like the British Standard kitemark, the mark stands for quality. If you see the mark, you know you’re getting genuine, safe, and value-for-money British-made goods.

Manufacturers of British-made goods can apply to use the Made in Britain mark. To use it, they must provide evidence that their products ‘are manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain.’

This is because the Made in Britain organisation follows the lead of the advice in the Trades Descriptions Act 1968. The act deems a product’s country of origin to be the last place it ‘underwent a final treatment or process resulting in a substantial change.’

Businesses whose products bear the Made in Britain mark can show customers that;

  • Their products are made in England, Scotland, or Wales;
  • They make those products to the very highest standards.
  • There’s also a directory of businesses that make their goods in Britain. Customers can search specifically for companies that sell British manufactured products.

The Made in Britain Code of Conduct

The accreditation process is rigorous for businesses. Appointed people from the Made in Britain organisation can come and inspect their premises and products at any time. Businesses also have to be willing to show the public how and where they make their goods. 

After accreditation, businesses must abide by a code of conduct including rules such as;

  • Businesses must control and manage or subcontract a factory, workshop, or studio where people make finished physical goods and finished digital products in Britain;
  • They must not misuse the mark;
  • Businesses must report cases of misuse of the mark that they come across;
  • They must commit to providing skilled/semi-skilled work environments, using competent people to make their products;
  • Accredited businesses must adhere to relevant health and safety laws;
  • They must adhere to regulations on anti-slavery, child labour, and anti-bribery/anti-corruption.
  • All products that carry the mark must comply with product-specific legislation on standards, materials, performance, and safety;
  • Businesses must explore options to trade with other British suppliers and manufacturers.

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