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Looking for a Bin House? We Have all the Options!

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Burford Single Wheelie Bin Storage

Whether you want wheelie bin storage for a small outside space or you have multiple wheelie bins to hide from view, there’s a bin house for your needs. From smaller units for single bins to those designed to hold several bins, it’s never been easier to transform your outside space.

Single wheelie bin house

Looking for a bin house for a smaller house or flat? A single wheelie bin store like our Burford wheelie bin house unit could be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed to hold a single 120/140-litre wheelie bin, this storage unit is not only affordable, it’s practical and it looks pretty great as well.There’s no easier way to hide your bin from view, protect it from pests, and get your garden summer ready.

Double wheelie bin house

Got two wheelie bins you want to hide? You can hide your bins and improve your garden in one fell swoop with a double wheelie bin store like our Cotswold unit. Handmade from FSC and PEFC Scandinavian redwood, this beautiful addition to your outside space holds two 120-360-litre bins.

Triple wheelie bin store

Need a bigger bin house? A triple wheelie bin storage unit like our Kensington wheelie bin storage holds three wheelies as well as a planter. This unit for medium to large family households will be the focal point of your outdoor space rather than your clunky bins. And who doesn’t want extra space for blooms?

Quadruple wheelie bin house

Got a large family home and four unsightly wheelie bins you need to hide from prying eyes?Our environmentally-friendly Burford unit will keep bins out of sight. Made from sustainably sourced redwood, this unit will hide your bins, banish bin smells, and look great while doing it.

Combination bin and box store

Wheelie bins and boxes serve an important purpose. However, they don’t look great and they are prone to blowing away in a strong wind!A combination bin house like our Cotswold wheelie bin store keeps your rubbish safe and secure, and helps you cut down on the clutter in your garden. A unit like this will really transform your garden and you’ll wonder how you ever did without one.Whether you need storage for one bin, or you have several bins and boxes to hide away, there’s a bin store for you. Are you ready to secure your bins and give your garden the easiest makeover ever? Check out our beautiful handmade range. For more articles on transforming your garden and the timber products that will help you do it, check out the rest of our blog.

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